Beamer Mapping Service

Which services are included in the Beamer Mapping Service? For Magdeburg in Light a 3D model of the real Magdeburg Cathedral is constructed to move and change it as a film animation, i.e. audiovisual media production (this is called 3D animation). Afterwards the animation is projected back onto the real facade using high-end beamers. The impression is created that the building changes live and fills with water or a historical story is told.

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VISUALIMPRESSION is a Magdeburg-based company from the creative industries, which has been involved in app and software development for product presentations, education and science for more than 15 years with steadily growing success.

Beamer Mapping

Video mapping is the process of illuminating arbitrarily structured surfaces with a projector/beamer. The individual peculiarity of the surface structure to be illuminated is already contained in the image plane (mapping plane) of the projector. The use of a precisely fitting template in the image plane of the projector is the basic requirement for a video mapping/projection mapping. Such a template can be created by calculation (using photographs) or by tracing the surface structures through the projector using special techniques.

Facade Reconstruction

By means of laser scanning, the surface of the object is precisely recorded and thus an incredible density of information is obtained, which can hardly be achieved with conventional measuring technology at a reasonable cost. In addition to reflective materials such as metal, glass or plastic, pressure-sensitive materials such as rubber, foam, plasticine, paper, plaster, etc. can also be scanned thanks to the non-contact 3D scanning. The result is a virtual 1:1 image of the scanned object or the scanned building facade.

Live Streaming

The performance will be transmitted barrier-free via live streaming on the Internet and recorded during the performance with 360° cameras, i.e. stored online. In this way, even handicapped people who are unable to attend the event can take part with virtual reality. Normally an event is carried out and there are video trailers and pictures to be seen on the internet and social media. To digitalize the event and to make it live experienceable as a virtual event is unique. There are 2 different media: beamer projection (beamer light on the dome) and virtual reality (online stream), which are used simultaneously.

Beamer Event Technology

A video projector (also image projector, digital projector, data video projector), colloquially mostly beamer, is a special projector that projects still and moving images from a visual output device (television receiver, computer, DVD player, video recorder, etc.) for an audience in enlarged form on a screen (also projection screen). The spectrum of devices ranges from small presentation projectors for mobile use to stationary high-end high-performance projectors.

Story Telling

In 3D animations virtual objects are animated, i.e. moved, which appear in a three-dimensional space. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. 3D animation is the core of games and virtual reality, but can also be used in presentation graphics to tell a story. Story telling is the basis and organisational foundation for the production of the content shown. Not all single images are drawn by hand like in animated film, but only so-called key images, which determine the sequence of movements. This way, artificial 3D videos are created, as known from movies like "Finding Nemo" or "Final Fantasy".

Music and Sound Design

Sound design stands for the processing of the sound in its entire range. From elaborate sound effects matching the 3D animation to the dubbing of a story to atmospheric sounds that can almost be described as music - the transitions are smooth and underline the content shown. We at VISUALIMPRESSION create sound designs for films and stories, for products and the message behind them. For Magdeburg in Light, however, sound design does not only concern the content but also the provision of the necessary event technology on site.


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